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Service charges

In most cases, we charge a fixed fee, but the final service fee depends on the nature and content of the document. The cost of our services, including GST, is roughly as follows:

Service Recommend Fee (including GST) by the Society of Notaries Our Fee (including GST)
Prepared Affidavits, Affirmations, Declarations:

Administering an prepared oath or affirmation or taking a prepared declaration and signing jurat

            $198.00 $165.00
Prepared Deeds or other Unsworn Documents:

Witnessing and attesting execution or signing of a prepared deed or other document

$165.00 $165.00,

depend on whether verification of authenticity is required

Verification of copy documents:

Examining copies (photographic or otherwise) with original for verification and Issuing Notarial Certificate

$198.00 $165.00,

depend on whether verification of authenticity is required

Individual Document:

Preparing Individual documents and witnessing execution of a document by one individual, and Issuing the Certificate


Each additional individual at the same time: $88.00


depends on the types of document, please call us to confirm

Corporation Document:

1) Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of document by a corporation with declaration and exhibit, and completing the Certificate;

2) Preparing Notarial Certificate of Corporation’s Good Standing;

3) Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying corporation’s registration certificate or ASIC record or Change of Name, and completing the Certificate


1)    $412.50

2)    $440.00

3)    $412.50

Please call us to confirm

Preparing and completing Notarial Certificate not otherwise prescribed

$275.00-$660.00 Please call us to confirm

1)    Attendances:

– away from office or not otherwise provided for;
– drawing and engrossing documents; and
– other matters.

2)    Photocopying, Facsimilies up to 15 pages included in above scales, exceeding 15, then per page






2)    $3.30

1)    Please call us to confirm;

2)    $1.10



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