Commercial Lease

Commercial Lease

A commercial lease sets out the legal terms and conditions through which the business may occupy premises and run the enterprise. Whether you are a lessor or lessee, a lease agreement should be formally prepared and reviewed by an experienced lawyer to ensure a balance of rights between the parties. Many lease disputes can be avoided with careful drafting and review to ensure all terms and conditions are clear and complete.

Meticulous care and drafting have been poured into this solution to deliver a lease agreement of high standards that can be tailored to your specific needs. The solution is highly flexible as it caters for most lease situations. By completing the form below, you will start generating a lease within a fraction of the time that such document would usually require with other law firms.

Terms that you need to be aware of incude rent, options to renew, security and guarantees, uses and prohibitions, asignment and sublease, termination and breach.

Online Price: AUD$1,100.00 (including review and advise by a solicitor for up to two hours)

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