Legal Health Check

Legal Health Check

A Legal Health Check is a process that identifies a person’s legal needs. It analyses information about their business and personal circumstances to diagnose their current and future legal problems and propose and prioritise the solutions.

This is a great way to identify real problems and solutions, rather than merely advertise your services. With this approach, you’ll have clients coming to you requesting thousands of dollars of legal services, without having to spruik yourself like a salesperson!

This Legal Health Check will identify important legal concerns from both a personal and business perspective. This includes:

  • Estate planning
  • Marriage and de facto relationships
  • Tax structuring
  • Dispute avoidance/resolution
  • Investment properties
  • Business sale/purchase
  • Business financing
  • Co-ownership arrangements
  • Managing staff
  • Commercial terms
  • Websites and intellectual property
  • Regulatory compliance


Online Price: AUD$110.00

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