Probate Kit – WA

Probate Kit – WA

Our Smart Q&A Form can be used to create all of the necessary Supreme Court Forms for the Grant of Probate in WA, including Motion for a grant of Probate, Affidavit(s) Supporting Probate Application, Inventory of assets and liabilities and Renunciation of probate, if necessary.

Our WA Probate Kit can cover a wide range of scenarios. Whether the will includes codicils, or you have instructions for an estate where the executors have passed away or renounced their position, Smarter Drafter has you covered.

These forms are based on the WA Supreme Court templates and are in line with the Administration Act 1903, Public Trustee Act 1941 and Non‑contentious Probate Rules 1967.

Online Price: AUD$385.00 (including review and advise by a solicitor for up to two hours)

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