Q & A - Notary Public

Q: Can you witness my signature upon the documents as a Notary Public Solicitor via video link?

Sorry, we cannot do that. We note that there is new policy for witnessing signature during COVID 19, however, Notary Public Authority clarified to all Notary Public Solicitor that notary public service cannot be done via audio or video link.

Q: Do I need to understand the content and consequence of the document I am signing before I have an appointment?

Yes, you must understand the content and legal effect of the document. Otherwise, you must obtain independent legal advice.

Q: Do you help me finish the authentication in Chinese Consulate General?

Yes, we can. If you would like us to help you finish the authentication in Chinese Consulate General, we will do that for you and take care of all correspondence with the Consulate. Likewise, there is legal fee incurred.

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