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Our experienced family law lawyers will guide you through the complex family law system so that you will be in a position to obtain the best outcome from us. Our family law lawyers are proud of ourselves in resolving disputes for our clients quickly, smoothly and in a cost-effective way. Our family law services cover the following areas:

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Q: Can Financial Agreements be set aside by a Court?

Yes, if the Court is satisfied that any one or more of the prescribed events occurred between, or by either party of the Financial Agreement.

Q: Can the Court enforce the terms of a Financial Agreement or party’s obligation to pay money under a Financial Agreement?

Yes, however, you must first seek a Court Order in relation to the validity of the Financial Agreement. The question of whether a Financial Agreement is valid, enforceable or effective is to be determined by the Court according to the principles of law and equity that are applicable in determinin

Q: I have recently filed a sole Application for Divorce, but I do not know the whereabouts of my spouse in order to organise service of the Court Documents?

If you have made all reasonable attempts to locate your spouse without success, you may file an Application in a case, seeking orders for substituted service to be able to serve the Respondent Spouse through other means such as email or via third party. The Court must be satisfied that through th

Q: If a Divorce Order has already been granted, what are the alternatives to entering into a Financial Agreement?

Former Spouses can decide to enter into Consent Orders instead of a Financial Agreement. Each party must seek their own independent legal advice about each option and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

Unlike Financial Agreements, Consent Orders must be filed with

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