Immigration Law

Australia’s immigration system, with its wide range of visa types and varying requirements, often results in a complicated and confusing immigration process. The amount of paperwork can be overwhelming and putting the wrong details or forgetting to lodge a document on time can result in a visa refusal.

Immigration Law

Applying for a visa requires considering the most suitable type for your circumstances and meeting the eligibility criteria. This varies between the different visa categories but generally includes an assessment of your qualifications, skills and English literacy and consideration of your personal circumstances such as your age, health, family and criminal record. Our experience across different visa categories allows us to assist you in migrating permanently to Australia or travelling to Australia temporarily for your work, study or family. Whatever your circumstances, we can assist at each stage of application for a new visa. You will receive detailed, personalised advice that ensures that your path through the immigration system helps you achieve the result which is best for you.

Work Visa

The law is constantly changing and becoming stricter for temporary work visas and permanent migration. Our immigration lawyers will ensure that your application and documents are fully prepared and up-to-standard before lodging your application to reduce delays, so you may begin to cultivate your professional skills in Australia sooner. We will advise you of the necessary English skills, technical aptitude and educational background required for your specific occupation and prepare documents to showcase your skills and benefits you can offer to Australia as a skilled professional.

Employer-sponsored visas such as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa assist employers to address genuine skills shortages in the Australian labour market. Eligible employers may bring skilled workers into Australia, through sponsorship, if they are unable to source the workers they need locally.

This visa type contains three streams – short-term, medium-term, and labour agreement stream. Each stream has unique features, eligibility requirements and conditions, and all allow the inclusion of additional eligible applicants in the application. An eligible applicant can be a partner (married or de facto, same or opposite sex), a dependent child up to 23 years of age.

Spouse/De-facto Visas

Long-distance relationships are a burdensome struggle and we understand your anxiety to live with your partner as soon as possible. Let our immigration lawyers assist you in preparing the documentation to demonstrate your commitment to each other, your unique love story, and your future plans together. It is our pleasure to assist you and your partner in overcoming the barrier to sharing your lives together in Australia.

A prospective marriage visa is available for those intending to marry, allowing the sponsored fiancé to enter Australia. If granted, the visa is valid for nine months during which time the marriage must take place. A prospective marriage visa may only be applied for and granted outside of Australia.

A partner visa may be granted for those already married or in a de facto relationship. A successful applicant will be granted a temporary visa. After two years, provided a long-standing relationship exists and other criteria are met, a permanent visa is usually granted.

Under Australia’s new marriage laws, applicants in a recognised same-sex marriage may now apply for the spouse visa.

Other family visas in the family migration stream may enable certain family members to live in Australia. The carer visa applies where a person can provide substantial and continuing assistance to an applicant who is a relative with a medical condition. An aged dependent relative visa applies to single, widowed, divorced or separated applicants who are dependent on an Australian relative, and a remaining relative visa allows entry to a person who is a sibling, child or step-child of the sponsor and who has no close relatives outside of Australia.

Student Visa and Skilled Migration

Australia’s education system is well regarded worldwide and we know that you are eager to commence your studies in Australia. Our immigration lawyers will assist you in preparing your application to show that you are a capable student and your study will benefit you in your future plans. We can help you choose courses and couple them with the appropriate amount of English language and Foundation courses to facilitate your transition into the Australian education system.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal Migration and Refugee Division is the first point of contact for reviewing decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs. Reviewable decisions include refusal to grant a visa, cancellation of a visa and decisions concerning skilled migration, business sponsorship and nominations.

The Tribunal adopts an informal, inquisitorial approach to its investigations and the appointed member will decide whether the decision was correctly made. Strict time limits apply to have a decision reviewed by the Tribunal.

Australia’s migration laws and policies are constantly evolving so getting the right information and advice can avoid costly mistakes and delays in processing your visa application.

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