Mark Li – Paralegal


  • Undergoing PLT
  • LLB


  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (majoring in Political Economy and Social Policy)
  • Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University

Legal Experience and Skills

Mark Li is currently the youngest member of our team, but has been a paralegal for almost 5 years now across multiple large, medium and small law firms, since 2018, his first year of university.

He has practiced in many areas of law, including Civil Litigation (such as debt recovery), tort law (personal injury), Alternate Dispute Resolution (negotiation and mediation), Family Law, Commercial Law, and Immigration.

Since Mark started with Legal Point Lawyers, he has worked independently on matters including (but not limited to) debt recoveries, acquisition of shares for a majority stake in a company, due diligence, review and negotiation of a Franchise Agreement, Disputing Surcharge Purchaser Duty, defending Letters of Demand, issuing Letters of Demand and starting Civil proceedings, assessing the capacity of a prospective client and getting them out of a mental health facility, binding financial agreements and divorce proceedings, and so on.

Mark has a very particular set of skills that he has acquired over his career, including clear and persuasive writing, stellar attention to detail especially in due diligence, efficient legal research and memory retention thereof, and client communication.

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