Criminal Law

When you break the law and it affects a person or the community, you may be charged with a criminal offence. You have probably heard about offences like murder, common assault, theft, drink-driving and possession of illegal drugs. At Legal Point Lawyers, we have experience in defending clients who have been charged with these offences.

Criminal Law

The Police or the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) must prove that you committed the offence ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, which is a high threshold to meet. Our lawyers can help you prepare a compelling defence and are capable of undermining the Prosecution’s case.

We also help clients with reducing their punishment when they plead guilty. Punishments include a criminal record, a fine, and imprisonment. One assignment that we often take on is a section 10 dismissal. You can find out more about what this is in our criminal law article.

Another common assignment we are instructed to do is a bail application. We have prepared strong bail applications in the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court in the past.

Clients come to us because our solicitors and barristers present solutions in a timely manner with no stone unturned.

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