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Unfair Dismissals

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed you can make a claim for unfair dismissal as long as you have served a minimum employment period of 6 months. This minimum period is extended to 12 months for small businesses.

So what makes a dismissal ‘unfair’?

Pursuant to section 385 Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), the Fair Work Commission outlines the law surrounding dismissals:
1. Should not be considered harsh, unjust or unreasonable
2. Should not make an employee redundant if it is not a genuine redundancy
3. Should follow the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code (if they are a small business)

Factors that are taken into account when considering harsh, unjust or unreasonable include:
– Whether there was a valid reason relating to the person’s capacity or conduct
– Whether you were notified of the reason
– Whether you were given an opportunity to respond to the reason
– Refusal by the employer to allow for a support person in facilitating discussions relating to dismissal
– If the dismissal relates to unsatisfactory performance – whether any warning was given before the dismissal about performance
– Any other matters the Fair Work Commission considers relevant

You have 21 days to make a claim of an unfair dismissal – reach out to our professional lawyers for a consultation today.


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